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About Cafe Wylde 

We love to feel good and many people have the same aspiration in life. That is why we have decided to open up our kitchen to everyone and anyone who desires the same comforts out of food as we do. At Cafe Wylde, not only is our menu bursting with flavor, comforting aromatics, and vibrant colors, it is full of macro and micro nutrients that cannot be found in conventional foods. We specialize in sourcing the highest quality adaptogenic herbs and fresh ingredients to use in our elixirs as well as our meals. This means everything from our exciting list of beverages to even our variety of tacos can all be guaranteed to provide you an extra leap of health. We see life as being full of abundance and wonder, and we want our customers to feel absolutely amazing with us. The women responsible for setting this gathering spot in motion come from a background of using nature to heal, having a grateful perspective, and deeply rooted ambition to help assist with positive balance in the world we all have the opportunity to share. We look forward to meeting you! 


Theresa G.

Great food! Organic fresh and delicious! Their sage mint shake is my favorite drink, tastes like a mint chocolate chip shake!!



5Star Review

Great food! I have no idea how they make it all taste SOOO good! The bbq jack fruit sandwich is delicious and so is the quinoa bowl! Can't wait to try more! I will definitely be there more than once a week!


Luna W.

Great food. Great Vibe. The staff there are genuinely nice and so attentive. The food is healthful and delicious. And, you've gotta try the Ancient Tonic - superb.

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